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Berkeley-salsa-classes, San-Francisco-Bay-Area-salsa-dance-lessons
Berkeley-salsa-classes, San-Francisco-Bay-Area-salsa-dance-lessons Berkeley salsa classes. San Francisco Bay Area Salsa lessons in Berkeley.

  Rebecca Miller is a natural dancer and enjoys sharing her passion for movement. Her

  enthusiasm and love around dance, music, and teaching came together seamlessly as a

  salsa dance instructor for the past nine years throughout the East Bay. Rebecca's

  students describe her as a patient, caring, and a fun dance instructor. She has a 

  thorough knowledge of dance technique and can clearly articulate that knowledge to 

  her students in a relaxed atmosphere. The classes are full of enthusiasm. Her

  teaching style helps make salsa dancing less intimidating for beginners and she 

  can teach intricate patterns for advanced students. The laughs and playfulness make

  her classes fun. The instruction is excellent. Rebecca's students say that her warm

  and friendly nature make her classes so delightful. They are very proud to say they

  are her students.

Berkeley-salsa-classes, Salsa-lessons-berkeley, San-Francisco-Bay-Area-salsa-dance-lessons


Berkeley salsa classes. San Francisco Bay Area Salsa lessons in Berkeley.
Berkeley-salsa-classes, Salsa-lessons-Berkeley, San-Francisco-Bay-Area-salsa-dance-lessons


Berkeley-salsa-classes-Salsa lessons-Berkeley-East-Bay-salsa-lessons-San-Francisco-Bay-Area-salsa-dance-lessons
Berkeley-salsa-classes-salsa lessons-Berkeley-East-Bay-salsa-lessons-San-Francisco-Bay-Area-salsa-dance-lessons

        Rebecca currently teaches salsa dancing       classes on Monday nights in Berkeley at the      Works Dance Studio featuring two mirrored               walls and sprung hardwood  floors!

                                     The Works Dance Studio
Berkeley-salsa-classes, Salsa-lessons-Berkeley, San-Francisco-Bay-Area-salsa-dance-lessons


 Salsa Mondays

The Works Exercise and Dance Studio

  2566 Telegraph Ave C
Berkeley, CA 94704

                7:30 - 8:30 pm: Beginning Salsa, Level 1

                8:30 - 9:30 pm: Intermediate Salsa Level 2
               July: 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th

               August: 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th

               September : 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd

Note: I teach a 4-Week progressive series. It is best if you start with the first week of the month. The latest to join is the the 2nd week of the month; otherwise, Rebecca HIGHLY recommends you schedule your time to join the first week in the next month's series.



Berkeley-salsa-classes, Salsa-lessons-Berkeley, San-Francisco-Bay-Area-salsa-dance-lessons



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SWR Beginning Salsa Level 1
Duration: 4 weeks, 1 hr/week (Berkeley)

$ 51.50 USD

Dance Salsa basics in one hour! I will introduce basic footwork: forward/back/side breaks, forward and back basic, cuban (aka hooks, 5th position, cumbia), and crosses. This is just the beginning, too. Every week you will learn more. This class is four weeks and is progressive which means every week we will review and then introduce new step variations. This is the basis of building  a strong foundation. The repetition builds your confidence and solidifies your technique and timing. Your skills will develop, you will get faster and your transitions will become smoother.  In less than a month, you will be dancing to salsa music with confidence! Smiling, socializing, and exercising? Yes! Who knew burning calories could be so much fun. Let me introduce you to a great way to meet new people in a fun social learning environment while achieving your fitness goals. Leading and following techniques will be covered throughout the series. Partner dancing is learning how to communicate with another person through body movement. I will teach you how to communicate with each other without words. No partner necessary. Bring a pair of dance shoes (preferably with suede soles), socks are acceptable or sneakers with white soles. Basically, you don’t want to stick or grip to the floor because we will turn with quick change of direction. Protect your knees and dance for life. Shoes make a big difference in your experience of learning this high tempo dance. $51.50/series (please join the first week of the class series for the best results)


SWR Intermediate Salsa Level 2
Duration: 4 weeks, 1 hr/week (Berkeley)

$ 51.50 USD


Being an intermediate level dancer is about fine tuning your awareness of your body alignment, your understanding of timing, musicality, and partnering techniques. Level 2 is about challenging your Salsa Basic foundation taught in Level 1 and to begin building the structure of pattern variations. This class is designed to increase your knowledge by introducing new footwork, more partner connection techniques, increase your speed with more transitions and fewer basics. Leaders will gain confidence in their ability to lead and followers will understand the rewards of mastering following techniques. Each role is superbly unique and empowering. To appreciate and respect the partnering roles makes anything possible in this spontaneous social dance! A new pattern will be taught each month and reviewed every week. I will break down the pattern articulating every detail of the movements to the 8-count. As the month progresses, I will teach you variations to the patterns so you understand what is possible and why it is possible. I will encourage you to claim the space for your creativity to flow. Memorizing patterns are simply tools of training. I believe if you understand the concepts behind the patterns, than you have the tools to create your own unique style based on your own body of experience. This allows for fluidity and confidence on the dance floor. Be inspired! This level will move you into the next level dance by encouraging you to listen and feel the music, play with timing and musicality, relate to a variety of dance partners (every one of us is different), and gain confidence as Salseros and Salseras. Vamos a Bailar! $51.50/series (please join the first week of the class series for the best results)





Berkeley-salsa-classes, Salsa-lessons-Berkeley, San-Francisco-Bay-Area-salsa-dance-lessons
Berkeley-salsa-classes, Salsa-lessons-Berkeley, San-Francisco-Bay-Area-salsa-dance-lessons






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