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 Salsa Mondays

The Works Exercise and Dance Studio

  2566 Telegraph Ave C
Berkeley, CA 94704

Level 1     7:30 - 8:30 pm: Beginning Salsa

Level 2      8:30 - 9:30 pm: Intermediate. Salsa

Current:     September 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th

Future classes are discontinued


  Rebecca Miller is a natural dancer and enjoys sharing her passion for movement. Her

  enthusiasm and love around dance, music, and teaching came together seamlessly as a

  salsa dance instructor for the past nine years throughout the East Bay. Rebecca's

  students describe her as a patient, caring, and a fun dance instructor. She has a 

  thorough knowledge of dance technique and can clearly articulate that knowledge to 

  her students in a relaxed atmosphere. The classes are full of enthusiasm. Her

  teaching style helps make salsa dancing less intimidating for beginners and she 

  can teach intricate patterns for advanced students. The laughs and playfulness make

  her classes fun. The instruction is excellent. Rebecca's students say that her warm

  and friendly nature make her classes so delightful. They are very proud to say they

  are her students.

Berkeley-salsa-classes-Salsa lessons-Berkeley-East-Bay-salsa-lessons-San-Francisco-Bay-Area-salsa-dance-lessons
Berkeley-salsa-classes-salsa lessons-Berkeley-East-Bay-salsa-lessons-San-Francisco-Bay-Area-salsa-dance-lessons

        Rebecca currently teaches salsa dancing       classes on Monday nights in Berkeley at the      Works Dance Studio featuring two mirrored               walls and sprung hardwood  floors!

                                     The Works Dance Studio
Berkeley-salsa-classes, Salsa-lessons-Berkeley, San-Francisco-Bay-Area-salsa-dance-lessons




Berkeley-salsa-classes, Salsa-lessons-Berkeley, San-Francisco-Bay-Area-salsa-dance-lessons
Berkeley-salsa-classes, Salsa-lessons-Berkeley, San-Francisco-Bay-Area-salsa-dance-lessons






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