How do I register for a series?

When do I start?

Do I need a partner?

Should I learn to Lead or to Follow?

What level should I start, Beginner or Intermediate?

When can I go to the next level?

What should I wear to class?


Simple! Come to class. Please arrive 10 minutes before the class starts on the first day of the series. There is a quick five minute registration the first day of class. If you've already taken a class with Rebecca, your initial registration is valid for future classes. Go ahead and purchase the class level via the online links, and arrive the first day of the month series you intend to start. 

Please start the first week of a new month series. No later than the second week if you can't make the first week. See the series dates on the home page to choose a month where you can attend all four weeks. Ideally, you start the first week and attend all four weeks within the same month. This ensures a better chance of learning and your satisfaction.

No, we rotate partners! This is HIGHLY recommended to learn to dance with every BODY. If you don't want to rotate, you are asked to stay in the circle and kindly inform each person to go to the next partner. This is full participation within the group. 

Leading and Following are never gender specific in Rebecca's class curriculum. If you want to learn to partner dance, you will always be encouraged to learn both the lead and the follow. Overall, this makes you a better partner dancer and gain mutual respect for each of the role skill sets and responsibilities. If you are an intermediate follower, begin to lead. If you are an intermediate leader, begin to follow.

Rebecca believes that every adult is capable of accessing their own level. How? If you can complete the basics (beginner level) with a smile, hold a conversation while dancing to the tempo, and add your own sabor (flavor!) to your movements,than you are ready to learn more with the next level challenge. If you struggle, don't feel confident (key to success at the next level), can't complete all the basics in partnership, etc. than consider repeating the series. Every person learns at a different pace.

Social dancing is not a race or a competition. It's for pleasure and socializing. Relax and take your time. Only add pressure when you want it and enjoy learning to dance for life. If you need to be "dancing with the stars" ready in a hurry, consider supplementing your group lessons with private dance lessons. Contact Rebecca if you want private lessons.

Dress comfortably, please. I am 100% sure that you will sweat so wear something that you don't mind getting stinky. A fabric that wicks away moisture or a cotton to breath is best. Loose clothing is comfortable but too much fabric may be a hindrance to the core connection work we do in partnering. Closer fitting shirts/dresses are a better choice. Dancers are commonly seen in tighter fitting clothing for a reason. They need to see their body mechanics. Dresses and skirts shouldn't flair too much  or be too short or we may see more of you than you want us to see. I've made this mistake before and all the attention I was getting wasn't because of my dance moves. If you sweat a lot, please don't stress. It's our natural cooling mechanism to maintain ideal body temperature. Simply bring a towel and an extra shirt to change into. Speaking of sweating, please be sure to drink a glass of water before class, hydrate during class, and drink another glass of water after class. Salsa is "hot" because it's aerobic and sweat will happen. Relax, hydrate, and enjoy.

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