Salsa With Rebecca: Testimonials  

"I think it is so important to have a teacher who is approachable and makes the class a fun, friendly place. I've taken Salsa lessons from Rebecca for 2 years, and she has brought me from a scared beginner to an advanced, confident dancer. She gives her students the personal attention they need to feel comfortable as a beginner and to hone their skills along the way.  Her totally upbeat, bubbly personality keeps bringing me back to class even when I feel too tired to go, cause I know she'll get me dancin and loving it. She is an experienced and knowledgeable dancer, with the skill and expertise to teach students of all levels.  I appreciate that she shows us not only patterns, but has the philosophy that teaching with an emphasis on building a strong foundation will allow people to develop their own unique style of dance (rather than having to fit into a cookie-cutter mold of Salsa dance)."

--Marcy T.

Rebecca is an awesome instructor.  She explains things so well that in no time really anyone can be shakin' their money maker!!! Aside from that, you will leave smiling more than when you arrived.

--Doug A.

I've been taking salsa lessons with Rebecca on and off for a few years now.  Thanks in large part to her I now have the skills and confidence to social dance at the various salsa clubs in the Bay Area. I still find my self coming back to her classes as she always seems to have something new to offer me. I know that whenever I go to her class I'll feel welcomed by her and the positive environment she creates. I'd encourage anybody who wants to learn or improve their dancing to try her classes! She can teach you from the very beginning or improve upon your level if you are a more accomplished dancer.

--Sam S.

You won't find a dance teacher that has more charisma than Rebecca. i go to her class to enjoy and have fun. If you want enthusiasm in your dancing, then this is the place to learn the salsa.

--Pepo C.

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